About me:

I began tattooing in 1993 and got involved in tattoo machines functioning around 2002.

Everything came gradually, learning to calibrate and adjusting my materials first, then with my studio partners and friends’ materials, to finally becoming the guy to whom people came to get their machines calibrated.

This led me to buy some tools to be able to make modifications in the frames and creating some hardware pieces.

This happened gradually through the years, while I was a full time tattoo artist.

The moment came in 2005 when I began to create mi own frames and hardware, all in a very hand-crafty way, one at a time.

I discovered the world of collectionism and avocation to tattoo machines that immediately caught me.

Collaborating with other crafters, trading machines and pieces, discussion forums, appearing in several media, all of this got my attention while I remained a full time tattoo artist.

I began traveling the European and American conventions circuit, where I got the chance to directly reach tattoo artists from different countries, to exchange experiences with other builders and starting to work with distributers around the world.

In 2009 there was a turning point, I could no longer keep working in a reduced spaced and decided to open a shop dedicated to construction.

I discovered the CNC and mechanization world and, without putting hand-crafting aside, I began developing much more complex projects.

Practically every fabrication process is developed in my shop, I have CNC centers, lathes, different kinds of weld and surface treatments.

I elaborate projects of my own, as for other renowned builders worldwide.

The intention’s always the same, to build machines that look good but, before anything else, functional, so true tattoo artists can carry their work in comfortable and professional way.

Alex Rodriguez.-